“Jan has worked with us at betty since she started her practice in 2009. We have used her on loads of shows and she’s worth her weight in gold. Without doubt she’s one of the best media lawyers in the business – a great person to talk to when you need practical, impartial and honest advice. We value her judgement, her intelligence and her calmness – and when faced with a difficult situation, or a thorny compliance issue, she gives cracking practical advice that’s precise, robust and bang on.

It goes without saying that she is also great fun to work with – generous of spirit, delightful and kind. There is always a need for Jan Tomalin.” 

Matthew Littleford, Joint Managing Director, betty


"When the shit hits the fan, you want a lawyer you can trust. But the real person you want in your team is someone to stop the shit from falling on you in the first place. You want someone who understands risk and the Ofcom codes; who wants to empower producers to achieve challenging programmes but keep them out of trouble; who has the skills and expertise at the highest level to negotiate the trickiest conundrums; and who genuinely has a passion for the work you do.

There are few people in the industry that fit that bill. There are even fewer that have a sense of humour too. But there is one person who has always been my first port of call since I started Brinkworth Films and that is Jan. I trust Jan completely. She is part of our team in a way that gives me and all the staff here real confidence.  We run into issues on an almost daily basis that would make many lawyers blanche.  Jan is there for all concerned, with sage, clear and impartial advice. Simply put, she is a star."  

Malcom Brinkworth, CEO Brinkworth Films


“Jan has been crucial to the success of our long running series Police Interceptors and many of our other legally sensitive shows.  In the ever-changing minefield of compliance, privacy and libel she has kept a clear head and found solutions to the most complex of legal problems.  Unflappable, practical and possessing a laser-like intelligence we wouldn’t want to hire anyone else. On top of that she has a truly wicked sense of humour."  

Steve Warr, Executive Producer, Raw Cut


"Jan is the benchmark against which other programme lawyers are judged. In the ever-changing world of legal and compliance, she’s always up to speed, combining a first class legal mind with the instincts of a programme maker to offer the best route to air. At True North we use her across genres, and remarkably she’s as comfortable dealing with the challenges of a reality show as she is with the trials of a fast turnaround current affairs film. Simply having her name against a production gives confidence to producer and broadcaster alike."  

Andrew Sheldon and Jess Fowle, Creative Directors, True North


"Jan has been working with Reef for seven years on all aspects of editorial compliance and, in that process, has become an invaluable and essential part of our team. Her advice is clear and straightforward; her approach is warm and collegiate and her intellectual clarity is impeccable. Jan is embedded in all our work and I have advised friends at other independent producers to get what time they can from her busy diary."

Richard Farmbrough, Chief Executive, Reef Television

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“After many years working with Jan at Channel Four, we were very pleased to be able to engage her to work directly with us. October makes edgy documentaries and controversial current affairs, and it is critical that all our programmes are fully compliant with broadcasting regulations and legally watertight.  

Having long led the legal team at Britain’s least risk-averse broadcaster, Jan is one of the most experienced media lawyers in the country. In a challenging legal and regulatory climate where we are often called upon to make rapid, difficult editorial decisions, we hugely value her judgment, skill and competence.”  

Denman Rooke, Executive Chairman, October Films

oxford-film-and-television logo.png

“Jan Tomalin is without doubt the best media lawyer I have dealt with intelligent, precise, unflappable, and most important of all completely impartial in her advice.  And yet, her expertise and total knowledge of her field is lightly worn – she is a delight to be around, and I would recommend her, unfailingly, to anyone.“   

Patrick Forbes, Head of Documentaries, Oxford Film & Television


Jan worked on our first programme with us and has advised on every film we have made since, for good reason.  The huge experience, wisdom, and security which she brings to any production is invaluable.  She works with programme makers to ensure they have the freedom to tell the stories they want while at the same time ensuring those same stories will actually be broadcast.  Simply knowing that Jan has worked on a project does wonders for nervous broadcasters and if there is a battle to be had, you want Jan in your corner.”

Rory Wheeler, Managing Director, Popkorn TV